Wilbur Awards

2017 Wilbur Awards

Awards will be presented April 1, 2017 at the national convention in Chicago

Four productions about black Americans win 2017 Wilbur Awards

For over 86 years the Religion Communicators Council (RCC) has helped tell the story at the intersection of faith and the public arena, all the while encouraging understanding and respect among faith groups.

RCC presents the Wilbur Awards to promote and encourage excellence in the communication of religious faith and positive values through a variety of secular media. We want to recognize the work of individuals and agencies as they communicate about religious issues, values and themes, with professionalism, fairness and honesty.

The Wilbur Award, first given in 1949, honors Marvin C. Wilbur, a pioneer in the field of religious public relations. Each Wilbur stained glass trophy is individually hand-crafted. An eloquent thank you for excellent work!

We keep sponsoring the annual Wilbur Awards because so many of you keep turning out such great work!

Competition is judged by media professionals in a jury process. The basic criteria of content, creativity, execution and results, apply in the evaluation of each entry. The ultimate criterion is excellence in the communication of religious values.

Shirley Struchen and Andy RawlsShirley Struchen and Andy Rawls provide leadership for the Wilbur Awards program

Shirley Struchen, RCC Executive Director since 2001, is coordinator of the 2016 Wilbur Awards.

Dr. Andrew “Andy” B. Rawls, former director of media services at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, is producer of the 2016 Wilbur Awards event for the 26th year. He recieved a “Special Wilbur” in 2012 as Producer Extraordinaire for his many years of creatively producing the RCC Wilbur Program.

Current award winners

2017 (for work completed in 2016)

Previous award winners

2016 (for work completed in 2015)

2015 (for work completed in 2014)

2014 (for work completed in 2013)

2013 (for work completed in 2012)

2012 (for work completed in 2011)

2011 (for work completed in 2010)

2010 (for work completed in 2009)

2009 (for work completed in 2008)

2008 (for work completed in 2007)

2007 (for work completed in 2006)

2006 (for work completed in 2005)

2005 (for work completed in 2004)

2004 (for work completed in 2003)

2003 (for work completed in 2002)

2002 (for work completed in 2001)

2001 (for work completed in 2000)

2000 (for work completed in 1999)

1998 (for work completed in 1997)

1996 (for work completed in 1995)

1992 (for work completed in 1991)

For more information about the Religion Communicators Council or to become a member, please contact:

Shirley Struchen
Phone: 212-870-2402
E-mail: sstruchen@rcn.com

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