RCC 2013 — Communicating at the Speed of Life

April 4-6, 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana

RCC 2013: Communicating at the Speed of Life

Photos from the Convention

Plenary Sessions and Workshops

  • Opening Plenary: Faith-based Peacebuilding in the Social Media Age — with The Very Rev. Fr. Nabil D. Haddad, Dr. A. Rashied Omar, and Lindsey Mintz. (Faith-based Peacebuilding in the Social Media Age: Dr. Rashied Omar's slides)
  • Plenary: Communicating Faith in a Social Media Age: Presentation and Panel Discussion featuring four Social Media Professionals — with Verity Jones. Mary Beth Coudal, Jim Skillington, and Ellen Mathia.
  • The Digital Diet: The four-step plan to break your tech addiction — with Daniel Sieberg, a tech expert, author who works with Google marketing.
  • Social Media and SaaS — Joel Book, ExactTarget
  • Coping with Rapid Change — Francine Carter, Executive Life Coach and Founder/President of Action Coaching in Training
  • Expanding Global Voices — Sarah Macharia, Program Manager for Media and Gender Justice at the World Association for Christian Communication (Expanding Global Voices: Sarah Macharia's text and editor's checklist)
  • The Line documentary video — Cindy Martens
  • Real-Time Coverage on Social Media — Tara Puckey, Freelance journalist based in Indianapolis (Real-Time Coverage on Social Media: video of Tara Puckey's slides)
  • The New Media Project — Verity Jones, Executive Director, Center for Pastoral Excellence, Christian Theological Seminary
  • Social Media and the Odyssey Network — Mathew Tombers, Head of New Media and Distribution for Odyssey Networks, New York City
  • Responsive Design, Formatting Content — Jim Skillington, CEO, New Village Media Inc.
  • Put the Social Back in Social Media — Mary Beth Coudal, Owner, Boot Camp 4 Writers
  • Fundraising: New Revenue for Religious Publishers — Kevin Shanley, Principal, Shanley + Associates, LLC, Chicago
  • New Media for Non-Profits — Ellen Mathia, MathiaPiccione, LLC of Indianapolis
  • Grants 101: Finding Them, Getting Them, and Keeping Them Coming — Bud Heckman, Executive Director of Religions for Peace USA, and Eric Shafer, Senior Vice President for Philanthropy & Faith Community Relations at Odyssey Networks
  • Multi-Media Storytelling — James Brown, Professor and executive associate dean emeritus of the Indiana University School of Journalism of Indianapolis

RCC 2013 Convention News

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