DC chapter discusses multimedia and digital communications

By Cherilyn Crowe

Beth BeckerWhat do you do five seconds before you post something on Facebook? Religion communicators in Washington, D.C., learned how those split seconds can be crucial during a chapter meeting with digital media consultant Beth Becker.

With more than 20 years of communication and marketing experience, Becker works with Congressional campaigns, nonprofits and unions to help them harness the power of social media and digital engagement for success. At the September meeting of the D.C. chapter of the Religion Communicators Council, she shared the benefits of waiting 5 seconds before posting on social media.

First, she recommends spending those seconds reading your proposed post out loud to ensure it makes sense and is free from typos. Then, before you post, ask yourself if you would want to be seen re-tweeting or sharing the information. While it's sometimes important just to get information out there, maximizing engagement should be a key goal when using social media; your organization's followers should not simply read what you are sharing but also share it with others.

Becker also shared some other best practices to keep in mind when working in digital communications, including:

  • Numbers don't matter, but engagement does. Don't worry about your number of Twitter followers or Facebook fans; focus more on how much people are engaging with your social media posts.
  • Shorten your links on Twitter... but not in emails. Using a link-shortening service like Bitly not only saves space, but it provides a better opportunity to track clicks and engagement. However, do not shorten your links with Bitly in an email – it will automatically go to the recipient's spam folder.
  • Upload videos directly to Facebook. Take advantage of the "auto-play" feature, and use its "call to action" method to share your link at the end.
  • Use a strong password and lock your phone. Don't let the data you have be easy for others to access, and be sure that losing your phone won't compromise your professional accounts.

From understanding Facebook algorithms to the importance of keeping a strong email list, Becker led the communicators through a series of ideas and suggestions to maximize their use of web sites and social media in efforts to share their stories and information.

For more tips from Becker, check out her posts on www.epolitics.com and follower her on Twitter @Spedwybabs.

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