Presenter Guidelines for RCC Conventions

Thank you for agreeing to be a presenter at the Religion Communicators Council annual meeting. This can be a rewarding and informative experience for you and the RCC members in attendance.

The RCC is an organization where religion communications professionals come together for professional development, fellowship, and networking. RCC is committed to increasing an understanding of faith traditions. It is not a place for proselytizing or promoting one faith tradition over another, and our members embrace that diversity.

Here are a few pointers that will help you prepare a successful presentation.

Know your audience

The RCC is an organization of professionals and volunteers working in many forms of communication involving many faith communities. We are Catholic and Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist, Christian Scientist and Jewish, Bahá’í and Hare Krishna, Buddhist and Sikh, Islamic and Hindu, and more.

Please be inclusive

You have been invited to be a presenter because you have expertise in an area that will help our members improve their skills and/or educate them on some relevant topic. Please share your information fully and please choose your words carefully so no members of your audience feel that they are visitors at a meeting intended for adherents of your own faith. Remember that terminology varies from one faith group to the next, i.e. congregations vs. communities; ministers vs. rabbis, imams or religious leaders; church vs. synagogue, mosque or temple; etc. Often the word “denomination” by implication, at least, refers to the Christian traditions. Using the term “faith group” or “faith tradition” is more inclusive. Please be aware of the diversity of your audience and sensitive to the variety of faith communities and beliefs they represent.

Leave time for questions

Our members also represent a wide variety of skill levels. There are some communicators who are just starting out and others who have been in the field for many years. Share your presentation, and leave time for questions at the end so the beginners can ask for clarification about things they don’t understand and veterans can probe deeper if they like.

Tell us how to contact you after the convention

In the months following the convention, RCC members might be interested in using the services you offer or questions may arise about the material you presented. Please allow our members to contact you and help them out by telling them how.

Thank you again for agreeing to present at the RCC annual convention.

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