Religion is part of everything. RCC helps you talk about it.

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RCC Update - September 2014

Jay's Corner

According to Diane L. Moore, Harvard Divinity School, religious illiteracy is "the lack of understanding about 1) the basic tenets of the world's faiths; 2) the diversity of expressions and beliefs within traditions that emerge and evolve in relation to differing social/historical contexts; and 3) the profound role that religion plays in human social, cultural, and political life in both contemporary and historical contexts."

How much conflict do you see in the world where misunderstandings around religion are at the core? Why does the main stream media get religion wrong or omit information so often? Are you unintentionally adding to the problem because your focus is just on your own faith tradition?

Religion is part of everything. RCC helps you talk about it!

Your Board of Governors met a couple of weeks ago and struggled with these very questions. How do we help our membership tackle the issue of religious illiteracy? How do we empower one another to do so in a way that enhances our careers and promotes religious literacy in the public square?

Well I think we have a plan and you're going to see this kick off in a huge way at the convention in Washington, DC in April.

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You are a vital part of this organization. Let's mark our 85th year by beginning to stamp out religious illiteracy by once again demonstrating the importance of trained, professional religion communicators. Remember:

Religion is part of everything. RCC helps you talk about it!

Jay Rollins, RCC President
[email protected]

Photo: RCC 2015 logoConvention

We encourage you to plan now and come the night of April 8th. The event will begin the following afternoon (April 9 1:00 PM) at the Newseum (, but registered attendees will have free access all morning!

The committee is working hard to pull together some incredible keynote speakers and fantastic workshops that will give you practical, accessible tools to use in your everyday work.

Member News

Anuttama Dasa (DC Chapter) is in Brazil, touring and teaching two 3-day communications seminars!

Photographer Mike DuBose (Nashville) and Jay Rollins (NYC Chapter), Dept of Marketing UMCOR are traveling to review projects in Haiti.

Karin Achtelstetter (MAL) and Anthony "Tony" Spence ( DC) were judges at the recent Montreal World Film Festival.

Vicki Brown (Nashville ) has a new job as News Editor, United Methodist News Service, United Methodist Communications

Chapter News

Photo: DC Chapter members visit NPRDC Chapter - Members of the D.C. chapter of the Religion Communicators Council visited the international headquarters of National Public Radio in August. They had a chance to see how the organization works and learn about the technology used in the productions that are broadcast from Washington, D.C., to the rest of the country.

NYC Chapter - Think you can copyright written material by mailing it back to yourself through the U.S. Postal Service? That's a myth, according to Mary Ann Zimmer, an entertainment lawyer with clients in television, film, video and internet production and distribution. Zimmer did, however, explain how and when to copyright when the New York Chapter of the Religious Communicators Council met Sept. 3 at the Interchurch Center. Next meeting is October 1st.

Job Openings

There are new postings on the RCC Job Openings page. If you have an opening you would like posted, please let us know. If you are looking for a new position, check this page regularly for updates.

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