Cherry Blossoms – A Time for Renewal
Religion Communicators Convention: April 9-11, 2015

Update: March 2015

Cherry Blossoms – A Time for Renewal

Greetings my fellow RCC members,

I was sitting here watching the snow fall (and pondering if spring would ever arrive) when I received an email from Cherilyn Crowe in the DC Chapter. She just saw a tweet from the National Mall announcing that the peak bloom time for the cherry blossoms in DC will be April 11-14. What a wonderful way to celebrate our national convention!

Cherry blossoms; photo by rosevita,

Cherry blossoms represent rebirth and renewal for me. On a trip to Japan on behalf of UMCOR, I once had the pleasure of touring the gardens during the cherry blossom season. A colleague of mine, and former UMCOR executive on the trip with me, Melissa Crutchfield, reflected that "cherry blossoms – the first sign of spring – consistently reassure us; the small pink and white flowers are a signal to us that life goes on, grows, blooms, replenishes, and recovers from the harsh winter of previous months. They embody optimism and hope in their very existence."

I find this to be the perfect representation of our time together each year. A time for renewal, a time for support, a time for learning, and a time for hope that our efforts to inform our publics of religious literacy make a difference.

Have you registered? This is a convention to not be missed. From the outstanding keynote speakers, DeRose-Hinkhouse awards, informative workshops, time at the Newseum, and fellowship with your colleagues of all traditions, you will leave with a renewed spirit and energy to continue to do the incredible work that each of you do on a daily basis.

Jay Rollins

The time to act is now. The time to register is now. The time to learn is now. The time to renew is now.

See you next month!

Jay Rollins, President

Religion is part of everything. RCC helps you talk about it.

Joshua DuBois is Kickoff Speaker April 9th at 1:00 p.m.

Sharing Our Faith and Values – Why Does It Matter?

Joshua DuBois

Joshua DuBois is the author of The President's Devotional: The Daily Readings that Inspired President Obama, and is one of our country's leading voices on community partnerships, religion in the public square and issues impacting African American men.

He led the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships in President Obama's first term and was called the President's “Pastor-in-Chief” by TIME Magazine. He spearheaded the White House's work on responsible fatherhood, grassroots community partnerships and religion in foreign affairs, and brought together religious leaders from across the ideological spectrum to tackle the nation's biggest challenges.

Joshua now leads a consulting firm, Values Partnerships, that creates faith-based partnerships for the public, private and non-profit sectors, teaches at Princeton University, and is the weekly religion and values columnist for The Daily Beast. Read more on the RCC Convention page...

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