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Focus on our Focus

Note the tagline above and keep that in mind as you go through your daily tasks. Share what your faith group or organization may be doing to encourage, promote, and lift up religious literacy. (Send links or reports to the Communications Committee.)

Following is a short list of resources and web sites about this topic:

  • Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know – and Doesn't by religion scholar, Stephen Prothero, who delivered one of the keynote addresses at RCC’s national convention in April. See the book on for more information and the RCC news story about the plenary session for a summary of the speakers and the full length video.

  • The Religious Literacy Project at Harvard University. This web site has abundant information and links to more resources.

  • The Foundation for Religious Literacy with the mission to foster inter-religious literacy and understanding among leaders in business, education, journalism, law, and politics. Learn more at the Foundation's web site.

  • Patheos – Check out this site: Patheos is a site dedicated to “hosting the conversation on faith.” A search for religious literacy takes you to blogs, articles, channels, books and so on.

Looking Ahead – 2016 Convention March 31-April 2 – New York City

RCC 2016: Faith-based Communications: Bridges, Avenues and Intersections

(Photo credit: Jordan L. Stark; RCC 2016 logo design: Ryan John Koch.)

Announcing the theme: Faith-based Communications: Bridges, Avenues and Intersections

New York is a movable feast, a dynamic network of neighborhoods, peoples and faiths. Our roving convention will allow participants to experience more of this great city and provide a focus as we discuss issues and concepts that relate to the parts of Manhattan where we will meet.

Mark your calendar now!

Member News

Bud Heckman (New York Chapter & current VP of RCC Board) is the new Executive Director of the International Shinto Foundation which is the largest funder of interreligious cooperation work and has an office in NYC.

Robert D. Black (MAL & former RCC Board Treasurer) is the new Director of Administration for St. James Episcopal Cathedral in Chicago, IL.

Amy Hurd (DC Chapter, from Aldersgate UMC, Alexandria, VA) starts July 1 as Director of Communications for the Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Steve Horswill-Johnston at DreamWorks

Steve Horswill-Johnston at DreamWorks.

(Image from The Desert Connection, Desert Southwest Conference UMC.)

Steve Horswill-Johnston (Nashville Chapter & Executive Director of Communications & Brand Strategy Discipleship Ministries for the studios UMC) spoke in May to a group of 100 United Methodist Clergy and Bishops at DreamWorks Animation in Glendale, CA. The group came to hear how stories are constructed.

Two staffers from DreamWorks also addressed the group: Shawn Dennis, Head of Brand Development and Tim Johnson, director of Home, the most recent release of the studio. Tim was also director of Over the Hedge, Antz, and executive producer of How to Train Your Dragon.

The event was the conclusion of a two-year consulting contract Horswill-Johnston had with DreamWorks as a theological script consultant.

Welcome to New RCC Members

Linda Peavy (MAL), Marketing Assistant, Baptist General Association of Virginia, Richmond, VA

Kasi R. Zieminski (MAL), Director of Marketing, National Benevolent Assoc., St Louis, MO.

Philip Bakelaar (NYC), Adjunct Professor, Montclair State University, Manahawkin, NJ

Harry J. Weil (NYC), Communications Coordinator, Christ United Methodist Church, NY, NY

Julia Stecker (MAL), Director of Communications, Delaware-Maryland Synod, ELCA, Baltimore, MD


Phillips Seminary (noted in May 19 Update) is located in Tulsa, OK. Apologies for the error.

Don’t be left out!

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Thanks for contributions for annual fund and work of RCC: Jeff Huett, Dawn Check, Casey Tom, Robert Black, Kelly Fanning and Shirley Struchen for Scholarship Fund.

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New Opportunities!

Please check the Job Openings page for new listings and let us know of any openings that should be added.

Recognizing Accomplishments

At RCC’s 2015 convention, we had the honor of having several of the global directors from World Association for Christian Communications (WACC) join us for the meetings.

Rev. Dr. Samuel Meschack, one of the WACC directors in attendance, was recently elected as President of WACC. He served two full terms as Chair for WACC Asia since 2009. He is a Professor of Communication in theological and secular universities in India and abroad, guiding researchers towards their doctoral degrees.

Sam earned his doctoral degree from the Centre of Mass Communication Research of the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom, and has written several articles in the field of communication and ethics with emphasis on rights and privileges of the marginalized people and mission concerns.

Chapter News

Washington DC Chapter has a topnotch program planned for June which will feature an interactive strategic storytelling workshop. Leading the presentation will be Center for Social Impact Communication (CSIC) at Georgetown University.

Benefits available from CSIC:

  1. Free Research Reports: Download fascinating studies and resources on topics such as strategic organizational storytelling and how to communicate via imagery, among others.

  2. Pro-Bono Services: Add your organization to CSIC’s nonprofit client database for the opportunity to receive pro-bono public relations services from its students.

  3. Social Media: Follow CSIC on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for its newsletter for the latest industry trends in social impact communication.

See info and details about this free presentation on June 16 on the DC Chapter page. Perhaps you are close enough to attend!

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