Religion Communicators Convention: March 31 - April 2, 2016

August Update

Explore NYC in 2016

The New York Chapter is constructing a roadway to the RCC 2016 convention. We’ll build bridges to better understand and connect with diverse communities of faith. We’ll provide avenues for improving your communications and social media skills. And we’ll explore the intersections of faith, public policy and religious values in a secular world. Meet us in the Big Apple March 31-April 2!

Religion is a part of life. RCC helps you talk about it.

New Members (YEA!) Welcomed

Kelsey Parrish will affiliate with the Washington, D.C. chapter as a student associate member. She is serving the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Alexandria, Virginia as Communications Director/Student while she continues her studies at George Mason University.

Carol Fouke-Mpoyo, a freelance writer and editor, is a new associate member of RCC and will meet with the New York chapter.

Member News

Members on the Move

Jazmine Steele is now the communications director for the Church of the Larger Fellowship, which is the Unitarian Universalist denomination's online church.

Jay Rollins, former RCC national president, has accepted a new position as Communications Director for the General Commission on Archives and History for the United Methodist Church.

Eron Henry, associate director of communications for Baptist World Alliance (BWA), covered the installation of Ngwedla Paul Msiza as President of BWA, the global organization for Baptist Christians. Eron’s coverage included travel to South Africa for the ceremony which was a part of the 21st Baptist World Congress in late July.


Roger Sadler, life member of RCC, died July  28. For 25 years he was a commercial artist for the Board of Global Ministries for the United Methodist Church retiring in 2000. RCC executive director Shirley Struchen noted, “He was a wonderful creative guy and really did all artwork for RCCongress 2000, plus created the exhibit area for us.”

Resources. Resources. Resources. … for Religious Literacy and MORE!

Read a well-done book review (by RCC member Dan Gangler) of Review of Common Ground: Lessons and Legends from the World’s Great Faiths written by Todd Outcalt, a prolific writer and pastor at Calvary United Methodist Church in the Indianapolis area. The book notes the common ground and common themes in sacred scriptures and wisdom writings of many world faiths. Go to the RCC web site for the full review and info on the book.

Searching for info on various faith groups, perhaps even your own? Try Whether you need background for a project or more specific information to meet a deadline, this site notes Deily is: “A better place for you to discover new content, connect with other members of the community, and a place that has the best online tools for you to expand the online presence of your religious organization.”

Pope Francis is the leader of many millions of people who espouse the Christian faith through Roman Catholicism. He, like us at RCC, sees benefit in the promotion of religious literacy. Thanks to RCC member Kelly Fanning, for the link to this article that provides some background on His Holiness’s stance on ecumenism and interfaith dialogue: Pope: ‘We must be forthright in interfaith dialogue’.

RCC Handbook v.7 still available

Speaking Faith coverGood communication practice has truths that don’t change. Now is a new age for the communication of religion and faith in North America. What always worked must now work in new situations. But the basics are the same, you must have a compelling story, appropriate for the audience you want to serve, and you must deliver that story in an accessible way. The old truths stand, but around them is a new set of questions and understandings.

Speaking Faith: The Essential Handbook for Religion Communicators does a most helpful job of honoring the old and engaging the new. An extra bonus is an accompanying CD that provides the various worksheets, forms, and guideline materials found throughout the text.

They can be ordered through the PCUSA Church Store. The cost is $10.00 plus shipping.

Stay tuned for more about RCC members, events & opportunities

Next Update will have more info (from upcoming Board of Governors meeting), resources, news about members. and so on. Check the RCC web site regularly for new posts between Updates.

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