Religion Communicators Convention: March 31 - April 2, 2016

RCC Summer to Fall Energy!

Religion is a part of life – RCC helps you talk about it.

Summer Winds Down – Fall Energy Revives

It’s the time of year when the heat of summer sends out it’s last draining waves, children ready to march back to school, and plans for fall and winter programs begin execution. The anticipation of cooler weather and new ideas and activities give us all a boost. The same holds true for RCC. Examples:

  • RCC Member recruitment has a special offer (see Blue Light Special below).

  • 2016 Convention planning in full swing with Upper West Side of Manhattan as first stop on March 31st!

  • Religious Literacy and other resources grow (see Alphabet Soup & Glossary below).

Catch up on RCC nationally, chapters, members from this Update, from, and from other social media.

Bring your energy, ideas, thoughts and dreams to RCC and see how those will transfer to your life and communications work.

Member News

Emily Miller (NYC chapter) recently traveled to mission sites in Africa including Harare, Zimbabwe and Mozambique with the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries.

Philip Poole (MAL, Birmingham, AL) is recuperating from open heart surgery. Philip is past national president of RCC and serves on Universal Accreditation Board as RCC Representative.

Wesley “Pat” Pattillo (MAL, Birmingham, AL) is in treatment for a rare form of leukemia. Pat is retired and former national president, 1990-1992, of RPRC – Religion Public Relations Council – renamed in 1998 to Religion Communicators Council (RCC).

Kathy Gilbert (writer) and Mike DuBose, (photographer) for United Methodist Communications (both in Nashville Chapter) are on assignment in New Orleans, LA to capture changes at the10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Book cover shows two children sitting with bowls and spoonsChris Herlinger (NYC chapter, writer) and Paul Jeffrey (MAL, photographer) are completing a book on global hunger this fall. Title is Food Fight: Struggling for Justice in a Hungry World. Seabury Books/Church Publishing is the publisher. Great storytelling and vivid photos.

Mike Hickcox (MAL) former national RCC president invites us all to visit Sound Theology. This web site is an historical showcase of thoughts and assertions on religious faith, practice, and experience – real voices of people of the church speaking, preaching, teaching, and at work in the world. Watch future Updates and web site for more detailed information.

“Blue Light Special” on RCC Aisle

Been around long enough to know about “Blue Light Specials”? RCC’s version is a special membership offer for new members. From now until Dec. 31, new members can join RCC for 2016 and get the rest of 2015 at no additional cost (FREE). Go to the Join RCC web page for links to online and printable membership applications.

Spread the news to colleagues and friends who work in communications for faith-based organizations. Membership means they will be eligible to enter their work from 2015 in the 2016 DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Awards competition.

Alphabet Soup and Glossary

Jargon and acronyms abound in our professions and industry. We have some with RCC that pop up here and there.

  • RCC = Religion Communicators Council. Official name of the not-for-profit, faith-based professional association that began in 1929.

  • BOG = Board of Governors. RCC is served by 5 officers and a 12 member Board, all elected by membership at the annual convention.

  • MAL = Member at Large. Classification of more than 65% of RCC members. Denotes the member does not live close to one of the five active local/regional chapters.

  • Religious Literacy = one focus of RCC in 2015.

Chapter News

Revival! The Central Texas (Austin, TX area) has plans to start their chapter again. BOG member Katherine Kerr ([email protected]) is contact person.

Religious Literacy – a Definition

Religious literacy is the understanding of:

  1. the basic tenets of the world's faiths;

  2. the diversity of expressions and beliefs within traditions that emerge and evolve in relation to differing social/historical contexts; and

  3. the profound role that religion plays in human social, cultural, and political life in both contemporary and historical contexts.

Thanks to RCC vice president, Bud Heckman for a definition of this important focus for RCC’s work and activities. Religion is part of life – RCC helps you talk about it.

Social Media Opportunities & Wilbur Winner News

Checkout Wilbur Award winners – see video each Monday on Twitter and LinkedIn. Go to RCC Facebook page for earlier postings. (Deadline for 2016 Wilbur competition entries is Feb. 5, 2016.)

Kim Lawton, winner of several Wilbur Awards in the past, is studying U.S. relations with the Muslim World. The East-West Center is sponsoring her on a 3-week journalism fellowship. She will be posting her notes on the Exploring U.S. Relations with the Muslim World blog on the Religion & Ethics Newsweekly web site.

Also: Please like, share, tweet, post, send links, write content for any of our online community outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube)

Board members at tables for meeting

Board of Governors Hard at Work

At the recent Board of Governor’s meeting in New York, this photo of 6 of the 17 in attendance shows the effort made to prepare, plan for, and direct RCC.

Need a Job? Got a Job Opportunity to Share?

See the Job Openings page on the RCC web site.

~ Update by Deb Christian, Editor, former national president of RCC

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