Thanksgiving – a time for thankfulness and giving!

Religion is a part of life. RCC helps you talk about it.

If you live in the United State or Canada, as many RCC members do, this time of the year brings to mind thoughts of thanksgiving and not just the holiday celebration, but a season of “thanks” and of “giving.” Please consider using this timely focus to offer a gift for the support of RCC. Treasurer Jim Cullumber says it well:

Dear RCC members,

There is lots of good news within the Religious Communicators Council! Coming off a wonderful 2015 conference, we’ve added at least 20 new members. This fall we’re launching the Handa Fellows mentoring program. And we’re well on the way toward planning an outstanding 2016 convention in New York City.

Vital to all of this is your continued financial support of RCC. Gifts to RCC’s annual fund play a key role in allowing RCC to provide programming, information and resources in the world of interfaith communication. The annual fund allows you to make a tax-deductible gift to RCC and be part of this exciting organization. Most of us have employers who cover our membership dues so our personal gifts also make a statement about the value RCC has in our lives.

I hope you will join me, as well as the rest of the Board of Governors of RCC, in making a gift to the annual fund. We even have some members who make a monthly gift through their bank’s online payment program.

Thank you for your ongoing support of RCC. Together, we can make a difference as we seek to improve religious literacy in our world today.

Jim Cullumber
RCC Treasurer

Recognizing those who have already given. Always room for more!

Many thanks to members who have given to the annual fund and work of RCC: Jeff Huett, Deb Christian, Kelly Fanning, William Aiken, Katherine Kerr, Brian Finnerty, Casey Tom, Tim Palmer Curl, Burton Buller, Charles Castner, Aisha Lbhalla, Jeanean Merkel, A.E.P Wall, Carolyn Lewis; Thomas (Tom) Slack in honor of Shirley Struchen, and for Scholarship – Aisha Lbhalla and Carolyn Lewis.

donate nowIt’s simple to make a gift. Visit the Donate to RCC page to donate to the annual fund, in honor of someone, or to support scholarship fund for RCC’s annual convention.

Opportunities, benefits and quick links

DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Awards recognize the outstanding work of RCC members and are a way to show what we do is the same or better quality than the secular communicator. Visit the DeRose-Hinkhouse page and find info about entering.

As well as a time for thanksgiving, the fall is a time for RCC Membership Renewal. The Join RCC page has options for renewing your beneficial membership membership online or by mail and you should have already received a hard copy renewal form to return. Remember, you must be a member of RCC to enter the DeRose-Hinkhouse competition.

Wilbur Awards are RCC’s recognition of the secular media (TV, books, radio, newspapers, blogs, movies, etc.) that show excellence in the portrayal of faith values. You can contact producers, writers, PR staff and encourage entry into this award competition of any secular programming that meets the criteria listed on the Wilbur Awards page.

Besides the various media used to stay in touch with members, RCC’s annual Convention provides the opportunity to meet one another face to face and to receive professional development and training and participate in the awards’ program presentations. Visit the Convention page for details, schedule and how to register.

Looking for a new role? Want to see what other opportunities are open in the communications field? RCC lists Jobs Openings. Click through and see what is available.

Wanted! News about you.

Email me at [email protected] to tell what’s happening with your life so I can share it in future Updates.

Deb Christian
Update editor

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