Try This One Weird Trick for 2017...

December 30, 2016

Dear Friend,

That is exactly how clickbait works. We see those words and don’t want to miss out, so we click to see “what exactly is that ‘one weird trick’” and ask ourselves “do I already know it?”

Funny, because that “one weird trick” never amounts to anything, except maybe another few ads viewed.

In this case, however, your click leads to something of value: skills development and community.

The Religion Communications Council (RCC) offers renewal, recognition, and relationships for those wanting to advance their professional careers in faith communications. And it is a place where you can seriously explore those shiny new innovations and tools in the field. With a much more satisfying result than following clickbait.

Please make a tax-deductible donation today to foster the life-affirming work of RCC. Click here for your donation options.

You can also renew your membership for 2017 or register for our convention, March 30-April 1, 2017 in Chicago, if you have not already.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity.

With thanksgiving and hope,

Casey Tom, President
Bud Heckman, Vice President
Shirley Struchen, Executive Director

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