Top 10 Reasons to Attend RCC Chicago 2017

By Bud Heckman, RCC Vice President

2017 Convention: March 30 - April 1 in Chicago

10. Professional Development — RCC is a professional development association for faith communicators. We provide opportunities for you to keep growing and learning in your work and even seek accreditation for it.

9. Networking — Get out of your box, denomination, and usual circles and meet other communicators who do what you do. How do they see things differently? You will make lifelong friends and develop insights into your work. Register today!

8. Diversity — We have everything from Bahá’ís and Buddhists to Sikhs and Zoroastrians who attend RCC events and are members. While still having a majority of Christian members, just about every faith tradition is present and has a voice in the RCC family. Presenters include folks who are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and secular, among others. We are committed to inclusive practices.

7. Laughter — You deserve a good laugh. We all need it. We enjoy having fun with our work in RCC. The RCC 2017 schedule features an optional night out to the famous Second City Improv, as well as a new after-hours improv “playshop” to see how the humor of seeking human truth-telling can give a little lift to how we do our faith communications work.

6. Theater — There is an interfaith theater company in the famous Chicago Temple that has gotten some serious press for its ground-breaking work. We will hear from their principals about why a theater outfit in the basement of a church has made front page news more than once. Theater is communication.

5. Competitiveness — Our industry is morphing. Jobs are shifting. It can be unsettling. Participating in RCC puts you in-the-know about trends, jobs, and opportunities. It gives you a feel for the landscape, so you can stay ahead of the next shift.

4. Chicago — It's Chi Town, people. Soul and blues music. Deep dish pizza. Billy Goat Tavern. The Blue Brothers. America's friendliest big city. Architecture like you have never seen. Willis Tower. The Chicago Cubs / Bears / Bulls / Blackhawks. A sociological wonder. A restaurant mecca (they hold the James Beard Awards here for a reason!).

3. History — RCC has been around longer than you have been alive and maybe since before your parents, too. We carry forward a rich tradition, including widely recognized awards – the DeRose-Hinkhouse (for faith-based orgs) and the Wilburs (for secular media) – that advance excellence in storytelling about faith and values.

2. Talent — It's actually pretty exciting to see some of the talent who shows up at an RCC meeting to present, receive an award, or even come to belong. Some of the best in our business have cut their teeth here to learn, grown, and connect. We can name drop like nobody's business. The religion nerd in us says, “bring it.”

1. You — Yes, you, silly. You deserve this. Gosh darn it. You deserve to connect, be affirmed, be challenged, be recognized, share, laugh, travel, learn, grow, and succeed in your work. Do this for you. And to save a religiously illiterate world.

Learn more about the convention and register today!

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