Conference Call for Faith Communities on Net Neutrality

Cheryl Leanza, RCC member, invites other RCC members to participate in this conference call on net neutrality.

On July 12 the Internet will join together to defend net neutrality in a Day of Action.

On July 12 at 10 am eastern, please join a conference call hosted by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the United Church of Christ's media justice ministry, OC Inc., to discuss and learn more about the implications of the Open Internet debate for faith communities.

Many faith communities have already registered their support for net neutrality. A current proposal would repeal net neutrality protections. This decision would leave churches, houses of worship, and other nonprofits in the slow lane of the Internet. It would permit the ISPs to speed up or slow down Internet content depending on someone's ability to pay. 

Register online and join us to discuss a filing at the Federal Communications Commission speaking up for communities of faith online.

United Church of Christ's media justice ministry, OC Inc.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

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