Intersectional justice: Gender, race, and religion in the media

By Megan Anderson

Dr. Glory Dharmaraj (photo by George Conklin)

Dr. Glory Dharmaraj began the session by presenting glaring statistics about women in the reporting field. They can all be found on the Who Makes the News website. Her main message was that gender and religion are not monolithic categories that can be essentialized and that the framing of gender, race, and religion do not occur in a vacuum. The language of “family values” is often used as a reason to keep women from advancing in the field. They are also influenced by fear and the emergence of nascent nationalist ideology.

Next, the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC), presented on news accessibility, equality of access, and the representation of people and issues. Who is visible/invisible? Is more than one side of the story presented?

Dr. June Nicholson emphasized how even though women have made progress over the years, this progress has stalled out. She provided some stats about newsrooms from the 2017 ASNE report. These included that minorities make up only 16.6% of the workforce in American newsrooms and 24.3% in all online newsrooms.

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