Thanksgiving Update - Nov. 28, 2018

It’s as easy as A-P-R

Staying on top of your game as a communications professional sets you apart from your colleagues. That is staying relevant, resourceful and inspired sets you apart as a leader in the communications field and helps you help your organization better reach its potential and achieve its mission.

By virtue of your membership in RCC you can earn the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) credential that keeps you current on today’s best practices and applications in the ever-evolving communications world.

The Accreditation in Public Relations:

  • Asserts professional competence

  • Communicates professional expertise, plus personal and professional dedication and values

  • Reflects progressive public relations industry practices and high standards

Preparing for the APR is an exercise in success, as the process provides an assessment of your proficiency and accurately calibrates your craft, contacts, and career goals. Where extra support is needed, you’ll be introduced to a tremendously skilled and experienced network of mentors, providing you with a lifetime of guidance and expertise.

Want to learn more about this rewarding opportunity to grow professionally alongside some of your colleagues in RCC? A cohort of RCC members starting the process is starting soon. Contact Jeff Huett at [email protected] or 202-680-4127 for more information.

Editor’s note: Jeff Huett is RCC’s representative on the Universal Accreditation Board that oversees the APR process.

Want to bring a positive influence on public discourse AND make connections to members of secular media?

Discouraged by the polarization in our culture? Looking for an excuse to reach out to a member of the media without asking for anything? RCC has a deal for you!

Encourage members of secular media to enter RCC’s competition for the Wilbur Awards, established to recognize excellence in the communication of religious faith and positive values in the media. It's a great reason to reach out to someone to compliment their work and keep those connections for when they are covering something in your faith community. There will be an awards gala for the winners at the 2019 convention in Chicago.

Read about past winners and how to enter on the Wilbur Awards page.

Thankfulness is encouraged by all faith groups

A commonality to all faith groups is gratitude and thankfulness. At this season when thanksgiving is often thought about, make a gift in thanks or honor for someone in your life.

Donate to RCC as a memorial or thank you or just make a gift to support this organization.

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