August 2019 Update

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RCC Board of Governors will meet August 19-21 in Washington, DC, per their custom to have a late summer retreat meeting in the city that will be the site of RCC’s annual convention the next spring. RCC’s 2020 convention will occur in conjunction and during the RCCongress 2020 meeting set for March 17-21, 2020.

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Speaking of RCCongress 2020

Not only is Cheryl A. Leanza, principal at A Learned Hand, LLC, presenting a workshop on “Moral Dimension of Online Communications” at the once-a-decade event set for March 17-21, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City Hotel at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC area, but she is the First Registrant! #1

She is also a policy advisor for media advocacy for the United Church of Christ.

Do the words net neutrality and social media accountability resonate? They should, yes even in the faith-based community.

Join her. Find us online at and on social media via #RCCongress2020

Opportunities and Resources

If you are, or know someone, in the Houston, TX area please take advantage of and/or share this event:

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) will meet for its 56th Annual Convention convening 250 national and local interfaith leaders on Labor Day weekend August 30-September 2 in Houston at the George R. Brown Convention Center. ISNA’s Interfaith Unity Banquet will take place on Sunday, Sept. 1.

ISNA has integrated an interfaith track into the convention program this year featuring leaders from many faith backgrounds in conversation about how to continue to work together to make communities, nation, and world a better place for all. You may find an overview of this year’s convention on the ISNA Convention website.

If you are, or know someone, in the Washington, DC area please take advantage of and/or share this event:

37th Annual Everett C. Parker Ethics in Telecommunications Lecture and Awards Breakfast is set for October 17, 2019 at First Congregational UCC.

The Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) of the World Association of Christian Communication (WACC) will receive the Donald H. McGannon Award which is presented during the Parker lectures. (The McGannon Award is given in recognition of special contributions in advancing the roles of women and persons of color in the media.)

(RCC connections: Drs. Glory Dharmaraj, Karri Whipple, and Sarah Macharia have spoken at several RCC conventions leading workshops with the GMMP data and are all RCC members as is Philip Lee, WACC General Secretary.)

The Parker Lectures were created in 1982 to recognize Everett Parker's pioneering work as an advocate for the public's rights in broadcasting. It is the only lecture in the country to examine telecommunications and the digital age from an ethical perspective.

Special for RCC Members: Although the regular ticket price for the awards event is $50, RCC members are being offered a 50% discount to $25: Parker Lecture Special Discounted Tickets

Survey re: Freelancers

Our friend, Gregg Brekke, Executive Director of the Associated Church Press, asked us to help with the 2019 Religious Publishing Freelance Survey.

Please take a few minutes to complete this quick survey of religious press editors to gather data on your freelance use and rates. Feel free to send the link to someone else if they are better able to answer these questions. All personal and publication information will be kept confidential. The results of this survey will be published by the Associated Church Press and distributed to other affiliated organizations.

No matter where you live

A multifaith Golden Rule Poster featuring the Golden Rule texts in 13 religions has been offered to interfaith colleagues (that includes RCC members) by Canadian Paul McKenna, creator and copyright holder.

McKenna also refers us to the Scarboro Missions Interfaith Department in Toronto, Canada which has committed itself to building a website featuring curriculum and useful educational resources for interfaith work. Scarboro Missions is a Roman Catholic mission society.

Continuing Education: There are lots – probably more than any of us can read and use – of free newsletters available to help keep one abreast of the communication and the faith worlds. Here are a couple of examples. (Feel free to share others you find helpful and we’ll distribute those in future Updates. Send to [email protected]).

Poynter Institute – Founded in 1975, Poynter is an inspirational place and a practical one, connecting the varied crafts of journalism to its higher mission and purpose. It's the world’s most influential school for journalists. The Poynter Report is written by Tom Jones, senior media writer, daily. Subscribe to the Poynter Report.

Washington Post: Acts of Faith, written by religion reporters Julie Zauzmer, Sarah Pulliam Bailey, and Michelle Boorstein twice a week. Visit The Washington Post Newsletters & Alerts page and search for "Acts of Faith" to subscribe.

Christianity Today: The Galli Report, written by Mark Galli, editor-in-chief, weekly. Subscribe to the Galli Report.

Member (and Friends of RCC) News

Verity Jones, former RCC member and Associated Church Press (ACP) Board President, was recently named program director for religion at the Lilly Endowment.

Check your faith group knowledge

A recent report from the Pew Foundation says U.S. adults generally can answer basic questions about the Bible and Christianity but are less familiar with other world religions.

The survey asked 32 fact-based, multiple-choice questions about topics related to religion. The average U.S. adult can answer about 14 correctly. The questions go from relatively easy to difficult.

Want to test your knowledge? How do you rate? Follow this link to take the U.S. Religious Knowledge Quiz.

RCC Update by Deb Christian, RCC Board Member and National Past President

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