Multi-faith religion communicators to meet in D.C. area for once-a-decade event

On March 17-21, 2020, members from more than 100 Cooperating Organizations will join together at Religion Communication Congress 2020: Communicating Faith in the Public Square (RCCongress 2020) to access tools and information that reflects current atmospheres in the media and among various civic climates around the world.

“RCCongress 2020 is a great opportunity to connect with old friends and make new friends. It’s also a place to get new ideas and network professionally with other communicators and find out what is working, and not working, in their shops,” says Cindy Martens, Senior Director of Circulation for Sojourners – one of the many RCCongress 2020 cooperating organizations – and co-chair of the sponsorship committee.

In addition to networking opportunities and engaging discussion topics, RCCongress 2020 will be host to a number of practical and informative workshops that cover a range of topics – from tactical strategy to thought-provoking advocacy. Below are a few highlights of scheduled workshops:


What we know, how do we know it, what does it mean

By Paul Chaffee

Best survey practice tips from Taylor Morrison

Socrates’ judgment that “the unexamined life is not worth living” resonates 2500 years later, applying not only to our lives but to the work we do, including magazines, books, videos, podcasts, campaigns, and everything else religious communicators pursue. Taylor Morrison’s expertise is in survey diagnostics and branding. She brings solid business credentials ranging from successful Kickstarter projects to participating in a leadership development program at a Fortune 100 company. Now she has her own consultancy.

She presented “So, how did we do?”: The Oft-Forgotten Question as a workshop during the recent joint convention of the RCC and ACP in Chicago in early April.


Photo artist leads editors through paces in photography, design

By Jeff Huett

Ted Glasoe leads workshop at 2019 convention

Photo by Jacqueline Fuller.

CHICAGO — Illustrating his points on photography and graphic design with beautiful images he took himself, Ted Glasoe, an artist and designer specializing in images of Lake Michigan, led a session of publication editors as part of the joint convention of the Religion Communicators Council (RCC) and Associated Church Press (ACP) on April 13.

Glasoe has been a professional graphic designer for more than 20 years and a professional photographer for more than 10 years. His presentation was designed to give editors a fundamental understanding of photography and graphic design as they relate to print and web use.


7 tips to help find podcast success

By Kurt Gwartney

Christian Piatt leads workshop on podcasting noting consistency is key.

Photo by Kurt Gwartney.

With a quick list of seven tips for podcast success, Christian Piatt with Square Core Media told the Associated Church Press (ACP) and Religion Communicators Council (RCC) members that podcasting should be part of any group’s brand and media outreach.

The professional development workshop was a part of the recent joint convention for the two communication organizations, ACP and RCC, that was set in Chicago.

Piatt, who came early to the podcast universe through work with Homebrewed Christianity’s Culture Cast, now has a company which provides services to organizations wanting help with their own podcasts.

His number one podcast success tip is consistency. “It is a crowded marketplace,” Piatt said. “People have to get you in their routine.”


Handling media interviews like a pro

Prepare for the difficult interview before it happens

By Curtis Ramsey-Lucas

Ryan John Koch co-led the “In the Spotlight: Handling Media Interviews Like A Pro” workshop

Photo by Curtis Ramsey-Lucas

Are you prepared for a confrontational interview? Have you considered the most difficult, awkward or embarrassing questions you might be asked? Have you planned brief responses to those questions in advance?

If not, you may not be as prepared as possible for the media environment in which religious communicators find themselves today.

With their workshop, “In the spotlight: handling media interviews like a pro,” Anuttama Dasa and Ryan Koch covered the basics of media relations was well as tips for effective interviews. The workshop was one of several Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) offerings at the 2019 annual convention of the Religion Communicators Council that met in Chicago.

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