Les Garner

Les Garner Recalls Favorite RCC Memories

Les Garner

Les Garner


Lester Garner, an RCC Life Member, has fond memories of serving as president of the Philadelphia RCC chapter. He shared what he describes as an "anecdote of serendipity."

Garner often selected the program topics or the resource person for his chapter's monthly luncheon meetings. "One time I asked a homiletics professor at Eastern Seminary (now Palmer Seminary) to speak about analyzing your audience," he said.

As the professor and Garner arrived at the meeting, the professor asked Garner why he had been invited to speak about that particular topic.

"I told him I had observed how well he identified with his audience," replied Garner.

"That was the subject of my thesis," the professor responded.

"What a surprise to have unknowingly selected the right person to speak on the selected topic," Garner remembered.

Through his career, Garner served as assistant director and then as executive director of Public Relations Services of the American Baptist Board of Educational Ministries.

Garner also said his participation in RCC helped him become aware of the extent of adult illiteracy. "So I took a course with the Norristown Literacy Council to learn how to teach an illiterate adult," he said.

For about two months, a man came to Garner's house once a week, and Garner spent one hour with him. "He had learned something but it was difficult," Garner said. "One evening he hung his head and said, 'I'm in my own little world.'"

When Garner asked the man what he meant, the man replied, "Anyone who can't read is in his own little world."

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