Podcasters give tips to RCC convention goers

By Kelly Fanning

Rev. Steven D. Martin (left) and David Dault presented "Podcasts that are Addictive" at the 2017 Annual Convention of the Religion Communicators Council.

Photo by Kelly Fanning.

CHICAGO (March 31, 2017) — David Dault (@DaultRadio), host of the radio program Things Not Seen: Conversations about Culture and Faith, and Rev. Steven D. Martin of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. presented a lively and tip-rich workshop, Podcasts that are Addictive, during the 2017 Annual Convention of the Religion Communicators Council.

Dault began with a brief look at the mechanics of addiction, concluding that our goal is not so much an “unhealthy dependence,” but to keep people listening, coming back, and telling others to listen to our podcasts.

Compelling content, quality, and consistency are the watchwords for anyone wanting to create a podcast, according to Dault. He outlined five podcast structures (monologue, dialogue, panel, montage, and magazine) and advised attendees to know them, pick one and stick with it.

Martin encouraged first-time podcasters to opt for audio rather than video podcasts, as audio is easier to produce. He described four formats – produced stories, solo voice, multi-host and interview-based podcasts. He pointed out that the repeatability and low workload of interview-based podcasts makes them the best option, as they also keep your voice out of the way while allowing you to maintain editorial control. Dault estimates that it takes about four hours of work from research to final edit to produce a 2-minute solo voice podcast.

Martin’s two cardinal rules are branding consistency and release consistency. His best advice includes listening to podcasts you like, making notes, and copying their format. He recommends investing in a good portable recorder and instructed the audience on the difference between condenser mics and dynamic mics.

The session wrapped up with a discussion of different streaming and distribution services, editing software and what it takes to get listed in the iTunes New & Noteworthy section.

Workshop Audio

Audio recorded and provided by David Dault

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