Webinar: The Challenge of ISIS in America: Perspectives from Peacebuilders and Interfaith Leaders

Webinar speakersIt's time for a clearer, more respectful understanding of how the U.S. interfaith movement approaches the conversation between the so-called Islamic State and faith in public life to be heard. We can't let pundits and so-called experts control the general public's understanding.

On October 27, 2014 Aaron Stauffer, Executive Director of Religions for Peace - USA, spoke with Dr. Omid Safi of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Jerusha Lamptey of Union Theological Seminary in New York City and Dr. Ron Kraybill, Senior Advisor on Peacebuilding and Development to the United Nations, stationed in Manilla, to help us reframe this conversation.

Aaron asked them about their persepctive on how the media has twisted the brutality of a terrorist organization like ISIS into a damaging stereotype about Islam as a religion and Muslims as people of faith all over the world. Most importantly, they offered insight on what's missing from this conversation, and how we can work across borders and sectors to build bridges, understanding and peace in our war-torn world. It's a necessary part of the conversation.

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