When ‘Like’ is Not Enough

By Candice Johnson

Ryan Koch presenting at the New York Chapter meeting

On September 19, 2017 close to 30 people gathered at the Church of Latter Day Saints for the first NYC RCC meeting this Fall. Ryan Koch, NYC RCC Chapter President, was this month’s speaker. He spoke on best practices for social media with his presentation, “When ‘Like’ is Not Enough”. This month’s luncheon was unique in that it was also a webinar for the RCC nationally.

Ryan began his talk explaining that social media was “free like a free puppy”. While social media is a free resource, in order for it to be successful it takes a lot of work to maintain. He then went on the explain that when creating successful social media campaigns to consider ABCDE: audience, behavior, content, design, and evaluation.

When looking at the audience Ryan explained that the audience can be split into four categories: people who love you, people who will hate you, people who are not paying attention, and people who are listening and thinking about your content. He then went on to discuss behavior. Before posting your content it is important to ask what we want to change and how can you change your audience's minds. Are there any obstacles in terms of access to technology?

After considering your audience and the behavior of your audience, it is then that you begin to create your content. It is important to think about what your main message is. Try to think of a message that will stick in your audience’s mind, such as the “see something, say something campaign”. It is important to also think about the design of your social media page. In order for a page to be successful the social media manager needs to be trusted and you need to provide an authentic voice. It is best to develop an editorial calendar and plan what you want to post.

Lastly, Ryan discussed the importance of evaluation. It is important to understand the metrics that matter. From least engaged to most engaged, the hierarchy of engagement is: views, likes, comments, and shares. Ideally you want your content to be shared.

There was then a question and answer session where questions were taken both from the New York audience and the online audience.

The next NYC RCC lunch will be on Tuesday, October 17th at The Episcopal Church Center. Lynnaia Main and Chrysula Winegar will speak about making faith connections at the United Nations.

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